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Frequently Asked Questions

Study Appointments:

Are my study visits going to be during my regular prenatal visits? Will I have to go to additional appointments?

At some sites, you will need to come to extra appointments for your study visits. At some sites, the study visits may be in a different location from your usual prenatal visits.

At other sites, study visits will be part of your prenatal appointments, which means your prenatal visits will be longer than normal

What happens if I miss an appointment?

If you miss an appointment please contact your study team. We will try to reschedule your appointment if it can be done within the right time window.

Who will I be seeing for my study appointments? Will it be my regular prenatal care provider?

You will not be seeing your regular prenatal care provider during study visits. You will see a member of the research study team.

Will study visits count as medical appointments for my employer? Where can I get a letter to provide to my employer to get that approved?

Whether a study visit can be counted as a medical appointment depends on your employer. Your study team can give you a letter saying you were at a study visit if you need one.

Continuous Glucose Monitor:

Will the continuous glucose monitor affect me or my baby?

The continuous glucose monitor will not affect you or your baby’s health.

Where can I get more information about the continuous glucose monitor?

We have a fact sheet about that here:

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Study Details:

Will I be able to see my test results?

We will release your glucose test results to you and your provider if your test shows that you have diabetes (Visit 1) or gestational diabetes (Visit 3).

How do I sign up for GO MOMs?

Fill out this online form to be put in touch with our study team, who can tell you more.

Where can I learn more about the oral glucose tolerance test?

We have a fact sheet with more information here:


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How much will I be paid for participating?

If you complete all visits and measurements, you will receive $550 total.

Gestational Diabetes:

Does having gestational diabetes mean I will have diabetes after my pregnancy?

No, gestational diabetes usually goes away after birth. Having gestational diabetes does increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes in the future.

Will drinking glucola (sugar drink) give me diabetes?

No, diabetes is caused by many factors over a long period of time, so drinking glucola during your study visits will not cause you to develop diabetes.

Where can I get more information about gestational diabetes?

We have a fact sheet about that here:

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